Bo Waggoner

University of Colorado, Boulder

I am an assistant professor of Computer Science (what is Computer Science?) researching machine learning, AI, game theory, and "EconCS" (what is EconCS?). I'm a member of our theory group. I have a technical blog. I'm an avid runner.
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Modified: 2019-08-21


Teaching (fall 2019): Colorado CSCI 5454 (graduate algorithms)

Advising (fall 2019): I am seeking PhD applicants, especially from diverse backgrounds, to work at the interface of theoretical CS, machine learning, and microeconomics. Example topics include data co-ops and marketplaces (with privacy considerations), information elicitation and aggregation (connecting to design of loss functions for learning), and mechanism design with informational considerations.

Blog: My nontechnical "blahg", Max Min, is here and I've begun putting up some posts on CS, technology etc. Meanwhile The Tiger's Stripes will keep getting technical posts.

Neural Information Processing Systems 2018 (December):
EC 2018 (June):

Job: I am excited to announce that I will be joining the University of Colorado-Boulder as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science in Fall 2019, following a postdoc at Microsoft Research New York City!

NETS 412: In Spring 2018, I taught NETS 412 "Algorithmic Game Theory" at UPenn.

ITCS 2018 (January): Slides for my talk on An Axiomatic Study of Scoring Rule Markets.

October 2017: I've (finally?) made public my side project bomail, an experimental terminal-based system for organizing and interacting with email. See that page for info, the source code, or how to install with python-pip.

Also, some fun new papers are up! (see Research page)

COLT 2017 (July): Slides for my talk on Multi-Observation Elicitation.

June 2017: The EC Forecasting Workshop, which I am co-organizing with Rafael Frongillo and David Rothschild, will take took place on June 27 at this year's EC in Cambridge, MA.

Update: Schedule
Thanks to all participants and attendees!

January 2017: Young EC Researchers (Tel Aviv) 2017: Slides for my talk on information elicitation and connections to mechanism design.

INFORMS 2016 (November): Slides for my talk on prediction markets and substitutes.

FOCS 2016 (October):

October 2016: My blog on topics in theoretical CS and game theory has launched!

EC / GAMES 2016 (July):

Summer 2016: I now have a PhD!

See also: Running page

Possible misspellings of my name include "Bo Wagner" and "Bo Wagoner" and "Bo Waggener".