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This page collects resources for researchers and/or everyone.
Hope they are useful and I welcome feedback!
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The Tiger's Stripes

My blog on computer science and game theory.

Information Elicitation Page

A site containing resources on the science of obtaining predictions and beliefs from strategic agents.

Useful Tips, Tricks, and Techniques (pdf)

A list-in-progress I am compiling of some of the most common and useful approximations, inequalities, bounds, proof techniques, etc. for theoretical computer science.


Introductions by examples to some useful tools.

Jumpstart GLPK. The GNU Linear Programming Kit's stand-alone LP solver, glpsol.
Supplementary: example0.mod, example1.mod.

Jumpstart Flex/Bison. Lexing and parsing tools for writing compilers using C or C++ (the free versions of lex and yacc).
Supplementary: all example files (zip), example0.l, example0.y, example1.l, example1.y.

Jumpstart LaTeX. The technical document preparation system.
Supplementary: all example files (zip), example0.tex, example1.tex, example2.tex, bibexample.tex, bibexample.bib.

Jumpstart Linux. Getting started using Linux and the command line for an absolute beginner.