Bo Waggoner

Microsoft Research, New York City

I am a postdoctoral researcher in theoretical Computer Science (what is Computer Science?), machine learning, AI, game theory, and "EconCS" (what is EconCS?). I got my PhD in CS from Harvard in 2016. I have a technical blog. I'm an avid runner.
In fall 2019, I will begin as an assistant professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder.
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Modified: 2019-01-18


Neural Information Processing Systems 2018 (December):
EC 2018 (June):

Job: I am excited to announce that I will be joining the University of Colorado-Boulder as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science in Fall 2019, following a postdoc at Microsoft Research New York City!

NETS 412: In Spring 2018, I taught NETS 412 "Algorithmic Game Theory" at UPenn.

ITCS 2018 (January): Slides for my talk on An Axiomatic Study of Scoring Rule Markets.

October 2017: I've (finally?) made public my side project bomail, an experimental terminal-based system for organizing and interacting with email. See that page for info, the source code, or how to install with python-pip.

Also, some fun new papers are up! (see Research page)

COLT 2017 (July): Slides for my talk on Multi-Observation Elicitation.

June 2017: The EC Forecasting Workshop, which I am co-organizing with Rafael Frongillo and David Rothschild, will take took place on June 27 at this year's EC in Cambridge, MA.

Update: Schedule
Thanks to all participants and attendees!

January 2017: Young EC Researchers (Tel Aviv) 2017: Slides for my talk on information elicitation and connections to mechanism design.

INFORMS 2016 (November): Slides for my talk on prediction markets and substitutes.

FOCS 2016 (October):

October 2016: My blog on topics in theoretical CS and game theory has launched!

EC / GAMES 2016 (July):

Summer 2016: I now have a PhD!

See also: Running page

Possible misspellings of my name include "Bo Wagner" and "Bo Wagoner" and "Bo Waggener".