Algorithms Lecture Notes and Videos

University of Colorado, Boulder

CSCI 5454: Algorithms (graduate level)

Fall 2020

Instructor: Bo Waggoner

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Lecture 1: Intro, Word-RAM Model

Module 1: Combinatorial and Graph Algorithms

Lecture 2: Depth-First-Search, Topological Sort

Lecture 3: Shortest Paths

Lecture 4: Dynamic Programming

Lecture 5: Max Flow and Min Cut

Module 2: Approximation, Online, and Randomized Algorithms

Lecture 6: Intro to Approximation Algorithms

Lecture 7: Intro to Online Algorithms

Lecture 8: Intro to Randomized Algorithms

Lecture 9: Hash Tables

Lecture 10: Streaming Algorithms

Module 3: Continuous, Linear, and Convex Methods

Lecture 11: Random Walks on Graphs

Lecture 12: Johnson-Lindenstrauss Transform

Lecture 13: Singular Value Decomposition